Susan Latini-Powell
Founder of Notary A Go-Go, Susan attended UC Irvine and holds a degree in Social Ecology. Throughout her career in the loan, investment and real estate arenas, she has assisted many clients, friends and family start their wealth building process. As a native Californian, she resides in Southern California and has focused her career on the family and her community, believing that integrity, excellence and personal service is the formula for a rewarding and positive life.

Through Notary A Go-Go, Susan offers mobile notary services to the legal, financial and real estate industry, where mobile signing can be done at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Services and expertise offered as a Certified Notary Loan Signing Agent:
  • Real Estate Documents Loans - Refinances, Purchases, HELOCs, Ship Mortgages
  • Construction - Waivers, Claims
  • Releases Upon Payment Deeds - Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed,
  • Deed of Trust & others Powers of Attorney & Certified Copies of Powers of Attorney
  • Ability to notarize documents as required (Acknowledgments and Jurats)
    Convenience to meet with borrowers at convenient location of their choice
  • Extensive experience & knowledge to identify loan documents for borrowers
  • Confidence to obtain all signatures, initials and completion of documents 
  • Pick-up and Delivery of Loan Documents in a timely manner   

Services offered as a Notary:

  • Estate Planning - Trusts, POAs, Wills (prepared by an attorney)
  • Wealth Management / Financial / Insurance Documents
  • Adoption - medical, employer verification, background, etc.
  • Divorce / Settlement Agreements / Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Permission to Travel; Passport Applications for Minors
  • Business/ site inspections
  • Insurance documents
  • Healthcare documents
  • Vehicle titles


Where can documents be notarized:

  • Private Residences
  • Place of Business
  • Client Preference/Public Place
  • Escrow, Title, Real Estate, Mortgage Companies
  • Banks
  • Hospitals, Dr. Offices
  • Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers
  • Hotels, Airports
  • Attorney’s Offices, Courts, County Offices
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