Fees & Charges

5ayment Information:
Cash, check (non-personal), or debit/credit at time of service. $25 returned check fee. $3.00 charge for debit or credit card. Service will be voided if payment is rejected.

The following give an indication of charges. 

Details  Fees 
Mobile Service Fee - applicable to services with exception of Loan Signing Documents where it is included. Includes 40 miles round trip travel  $50.00
Notary Signature   $15.00
Each additional notary signature  $15.00
First set of loan documents   $195.00
Amended loan documents
Courier service ($45 per stop anywhere in Orange County)  $45.00
Passport Photos (2 photos 2x2) - notarizing only   $12.00
Holiday or after hours charge (before 8am or after 7pm)  $100
Mileage per mile. Subject to travel over 40 miles round trip   $0.56
Wait Time (if notary waits for more than 15 minutes for appointment a charge of $1/ minute is levied  $1.00
Fax (per page)  $1.00
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