Welcome to Notary A Go-Go
Notary A Go-Go is the mobile notary service for Southern California, designed around service, convenience and speed. It offers accurate and professional mobile notary services to the legal, financial and real estate industry including:

Mobile Notary Services for Real Estate
If closing on a home or refinancing, Notary A Go-Go can work with Escrow to bring the documents to sign at your home, office, or other convenient location.

Use our services for home closings, first and second mortgages, home equity, grant deed, interspousal deeds and much more. Click here for more details.

Legal Professional Closings, Wills, Child Custody
Notary A Go-Go will come to your office, your client's home or office to handle notarizing wills, power of attorney, signature witnessing, anything that requires a witness or Notary. We offer general Notary Public services, Living Trusts, Child Custody Notary services. Click here for more details.

Other Services
Notary A Go-Go offers miscellaneous services to anyone who needs something verified, from automobile registrations to business inspections. Click here for more details.


Please Note: A Notary Public is not an attorney. We do not give legal advice. Please consult an attorney with any questions about your documents.

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